Rose Scholars

Rose Scholars

The Rose Scholars program is an opportunity for residents to participate regularly in the academic and civic activities of Flora Rose House. The program is designed to address the needs of students who want to be part of the House living-learning model, but find it difficult to divert time from class study. The Scholars program eliminates that problem by making life in Flora Rose House a class of its own.

Rose House does NOT hold a Spring Semester in-house lottery like other residence halls. Participation in Rose Scholars for 2020-2021 is the ONLY way to guarantee housing in Rose House for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. Only residents of Flora Rose House and returning Rose Scholars can participate in the program.

Rose Scholars Application
Complete the Rose Scholars online application by the published deadline. The application asks residents to answer questions about their interest in the program and the type of civic and academic opportunities they'd like to pursue. If admitted, you will be enrolled in a 1-credit-per-semester class (PAM 1200) for both the fall and spring semesters. The class will be graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Approximately 100 students are admitted to Rose Scholars every year. Returning Rose Scholars must re-apply to the program every year!

New Spring 2021 Rose House Residents received an email on January 11, 2021 with application details. New Spring Residents had until Sunday, January 24, 2021 at 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time to apply.
Residents who lived in Rose House during the Fall 2020 semester received an application on August 26, 2020 and had until Sunday, September 13, 2020 to apply.

Benefits of Participation

  • Participants are offered a guaranteed housing option in Rose House the following year, contingent upon eligibility.
  • Participants who successfully complete the program will be designated as Rose Scholars and awarded a Rose House graduation pin.

What are the class requirements for Rose Scholars?

  • Weekly Attendance. Attend one event that fulfills the Rose Scholars requirement each week classes are in session (starting September 14, 2020) and post a reflection about your experience to the Rose Scholar Blog as detailed below:
    • Weeks are Monday through Sunday (except during academic breaks)
    • Scholars should attend a minimum of one (1) event per week; multiple events per week will not count for additional credit.
    • You are given three excused absences per semester. Please use these excused absences carefully and only in cases when you truly need them. You will still be eligible to receive an "S" provided that you fulfill the attendance and blog requirement for:
      • 8 of the 11 weeks in the Fall 2020 Semester
      • 9 of 12 weeks in the Spring 2021 Semester
    • Every week we offer at least four events that you can use to fulfill the requirement: Table Talks (Mondays around dinnertime), Rose Cafe (Wednesdays after 7pm), Mini-Seminars (Thursdays after 8pm), Friday Films (after 8pm), and weekend events (any time Saturday or Sunday depending on event)
  • Blog Requirement. Your weekly post to the Rose Scholars Blog should reflect on your experience of the event that you attended, not summarize that event. In other words, don't tell what you did.  Tell what you thought about what you did. It can include a written reflection (1 paragraph), photos, video, even a poem, so long as it reflects on your experience of the event. You will receive information about how to join our blog network after you are accepted and enrolled in the program.



  • Comment Requirement. You are encouraged to read the Rose Scholars Blog and look at what others are learning. In order to promote dialogue among Scholars, each Scholar is required to submit five (5) comments regarding other participants' posts over the course of each semester. That's ten comments total for the entire academic year.
  • Rose Service Scholars has been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In its place, Rose Scholars may preference enrollment the West Campus LWYL Course UNILWYL 1412 - And Injustice for All
    • This LWYL course (hosted virtually by the West Campus House System) is designed to explore the foundational causes of and responses to racial and social injustice in the United States. It will feature leading experts in five primary areas: democracy and voting rights, incarceration and criminal (in)justice, educational institutions, climate justice, and urban housing policies and segregation.  Live (or, when necessary, recorded) webinars will bring together two or three speakers exploring structural injustices in these different institutional contexts. Discussions of policy and social activism will alternate with sessions by leading artists, poets, musicians, and curators who will explore related artistic interventions and arts activism. There will be five 2-hour sessions each semester (approximately one every three weeks). These seminars will be followed up by in-house discussion groups. This class will meet synchronously on Wednesdays 7:30-9:30pm
    • Please preference this option on your application if interested - this will be a full year commitment and you will be enrolled in UNILWYL 1412 for both Fall 2020 and Spring 2021)

Course Add/Drop
In the Fall Semester, students accepted into the program are enrolled in the Fall section of PAM1200 the week following acceptance. Students who complete Fall semester requirements are enrolled in the Spring section of PAM1200 in December. Students may withdraw from Rose Scholars until the College of Human Ecology drop deadline (check the College of Human Ecology registrar website for details) to drop the class and end their participation without penalty. However, you must participate throughout both semesters in order to exercise the guaranteed housing option. The requirement to participate in the Spring semester is waived for registered students who study abroad or participate in Cornell in Washington or similar University programs during the Spring semester.

Additional Involvement
Attendance at more than one event per week is always encouraged, but we count participation by the number of weeks in which you participate in one or more programs. The intent is to spread your participation out evenly throughout the semester rather than having you cram events in at the end.

Read the FAQ (linked below) to learn more about Rose Scholars and Continued Occupancy at Flora Rose House.