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House Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant provides administrative support for the House Professor-Dean and the Assistant Dean of the House.  S/he manages the administrative and logistical aspects of a wide variety of House events and programs, serves as the House Office manager and oversees the work of student service desk assistants.  The Administrative Assistant also coordinates communications with House Fellows (senior faculty and university administrators), alumni, and guest dignitaries with facilities and dining staff in regard to program support.

Daniel Denise

Denise Daniel
House Office Manager
G10 Flora Rose House

Denise Daniel earned the B.A. in Sociology from the University of North Texas during which time she studied psychology, dance, and elementary education. Throughout her career, she has had the privilege to work in educational communities in the Midwest and the Southwest and has happily returned to her childhood neighborhood, the Northeast.

Her professional experience includes being a certified Montessori teacher, small business owner, parent educator, and public school administrator. Prior to moving to Ithaca, Denise was the Federal Programs Director for a public school district working to improve achievement of disadvantaged children through overseeing and implementing federal Title programs at qualified schools.  

Beyond the daily activities of managing the Flora Rose House Office, Denise values the opportunity to mentor Cornell student staff.  Having a life-long passion for education and counseling assists her when guiding young adults in the work environment.   

The beauty of Ithaca was indeed an enticement to relocate from the heat of the southwest, but being near her grandchildren brings her the most joy.