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Rose Scholars

The Rose Scholars program is an opportunity for residents to participate regularly in the academic and civic activities of Flora Rose House. The program is designed to address the needs of students who want to be part of the House living-learning model, but find it difficult to divert time from class study. The Scholars program eliminates that problem by making life in Flora Rose House a class of its own.

How can I be part of the Rose Scholars program?
Complete the Rose Scholars application by the published deadline. The application asks residents to answer questions about their interest in the program and the type of civic and academic opportunities they'd like to pursue. If admitted, you will be enrolled in a 1-credit-per-semester class for both the fall and spring semesters. The class will be graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis

What are the benefits of participation?
In addition to the opportunity to engage academically and civically with the Rose House community, participants can earn two benefits. First, participants are offered a guaranteed housing option in Rose House the following year, contingent upon eligibility. Second, participants who successfully complete the program will be designated as Rose Scholars, and awarded a certificate recognizing program completion.

What are the class requirements for Rose Scholars?

  1. Weekly Attendance. Attend one event that fulfills the Rose Scholars requirement each week classes are in session (starting September 6) and post a reflection about your experience to the Rose Scholar Blog as detailed in #2 below. You are given three excused absences per semester; in other words, you will still be eligible to receive an "S" provided that you fulfill the attendance and blog requirement for 7 of the 10 weeks in the fall semester and 9 of 12 weeks in the spring semester. Every week we offer at least four events that you can use to fulfill the requirement: the Becker-Rose Cafes at 7pm Wednesdays, the Saturday Event every Saturday morning or afternoon, and at least two more each week.
  2. Blog Requirement. Your weekly post to the Rose Scholars Blog should reflect on your experience of the event that you attended, not summarize that event. In other words, don't tell what you did.  Tell what you thought about what you did. A post may be a single paragraph. It can include photos, video, even a poem, so long as it reflects on your experience of the event.
  3. Comment Requirement. You are encouraged to read the Rose Scholars Blog and look at what others are learning. In order to promote dialogue among Scholars, each Scholar is required to submit five comments regarding other participants' posts over the course of each semester. That's ten comments total for the entire academic year.

What happens if I cannot attend any of the events during a given week?
We understand that illness and other extraordinary circumstances may occasionally get in the way of fulfilling the course requirement. You will be given 3 excused absences per semester; in other words, you will still be eligible to receive an "S" provided that you fulfill the requirement for 7 of the 10 weeks in the fall semester and 9 of 12 weeks in the spring semester. (There will be no requirement for the weeks of Fall Break and Thanksgiving Recess.) Please use these excused absences carefully and only in cases when you truly need them. In general, all Scholars are expected to attend events every week that classes are in session. You'll be glad you did!

What happens if I am accepted into the program and then find that I don't like it? Can I drop the class?
Students accepted into either program until the CALS drop deadline (check the CALS registrar website for details) to drop the class and end their participation without penalty. However, you must participate throughout both semesters in order to exercise the guaranteed housing option. The requirement to participate in the Spring semester is waived for registered students who study abroad or participate in Cornell in Washington or similar University programs during the Spring semester.

Can I do more than one program a week?
Yes, please do! But we count participation by the number of weeks in which you participate in one or more programs. The intent is to spread your participation out evenly throughout the semester rather than having you cram events in at the end.

What's a week?
Monday through Sunday.

How do I blog?
You will receive information about how to join our blog network after you are accepted and enrolled in the program.

Click here to complete the Rose Scholars application.

Read the FAQ about the residential learning programs and opportunities for continued residency at Flora Rose House.