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Each House in the West Campus House System has a one bedroom guest suite that is reserved for use by the House Professor-Dean.  We are interested in guests who want to engage our community and are involved in something of interest to our residents.  Therefore, an expectation of all guests is a planned interaction with members of the House.  This can be done in a variety of ways - a performance, lecture, workshop, shared meal, etc. or through a less formal but engaging discussion around an area of expertise and interest. 

Check out Flora Rose Facebook for past, current, and upcoming information about the interesting Guests-in-Residence who share their time and talent with Rose community residents.

Guest-in-Residence List from 2015-16 to current date.

Name of Guest
Guest's Title
Dates of visit
House Participation
Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan
Deputy defense minister of the Israeli government
Michael Blake
NY State Assemblyman
Public lecture at ASRC 9/8
Liz Schier
MASS Design
Bethe Ansatz on 9/23
Mark Weber
Co-producer of Poverty, Inc
Documentary Screening: Poverty Inc 9/28

Dinner Conversation: "The Big Business of Fighting Poverty" 9/29
Scott MacDonald
Film Scholar
"The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes" 9/30
Michael Belkin
CEO and Founder of
Dinner Conversation:  "A Silicon Valley Entrepreneur’s Perspective" 10/8
Ken Garcia
Cornell Varsity Club
Nandan Amladi
Deutsche Bank Executive
Dinner Conversation: “Perspectives from the World of Finance” 10/16
Marshall Curry
Academy Award-nominted Filmmaker/Director
Dinner Conversation: "How I Became a Filmmaker: the Crooked Pth to Work I Love" 10/20

Irik Sevin '69 West Campus Visiting Fellow

Screening & Q&A of "Street Fight" 10/20

Lunch Conversation: "Stories Behind the Films" Irik Sevin in attendance 10/21

Screening and Q&A of "If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front" 10/21
Peter Coy & Ariela Keyser
Economics Editor of Bloomberg Businessweek  & Associate Research Professor of Public Policy and Law  at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut
Peter Coy Lecture: Discussion on Innovation & Other Issues in the American Economy, Nov 19                                                                                                        Dinner Conversation w/ Dr. Keysar - Combating Prejudice on Campus Nov 19
Dr Jill Katz
Professor of archaeology and anthropology at Yeshiva University
Jura Liaunkonyte
Dake Family Assistant Professor, Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
Dr. Eddy Francisco Alvarez, Jr
Assistant Professor in the Department of Africana and Latino Studies at SUNY Oneonta
Dinner Conversation: "De-Colonial Love" or “Finding Sequins in the Rubble: Love as Political Praxis” Feb 11
Stephanie Griffin & Emilie-Anne Gendron
Momenta Quartet Members - Violinists
Joint program with Flora Rose House - Momenta Quartet Reception @ Cook House HP Andre's on Feb. 19
Jake Shulman-Ment
Klezmer musician
Music workshops 2/27 & 2/28
David M. Freidenreich
Pulver Family Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at Colby College
Food and Religious Identity 3/21
Brian Fanning
Architect at FXFOWLE Architects and a B'Arch Cornell alum CUSD Speaker
Invite to Cornell speaking event
Kate Harding
Author and Activist
Dinner Conversation with Kate Harding “Asking For It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture - and What We Can Do About It”
Dr. Elaine Howard Ecklund '04
Herbert S. Autrey Chair in Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology at Rice University, as well as founding director of the Religion and Public Life Program
Graduate Christian Fellowship and Chesterton House hosts an evening of discussion and Q&A
Erin Espelie '01
The Lanthanide Series documentary at Cornell Cinema
Dr. Benny Widyono
Indonesian national and holds an MA and PhD in Economics and served as a United Nations diplomat in Bangkok, Santiago, New York, and Cambodia, 1963 to 1997
Dinner Conversation
Rev. Carla Roland '94
Reverend Roland received her M.Div. from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific and an M.A. in Church History from the Graduate Theological Union in 2001
Lavendar Graduation Speaker

Didier Alia
Fall 2016 African Development Fellows - STAARS Program
9/14 Rose Cafe "Urbanization and Agricultural Transformation in Africa: The View from Space"

9/19 - Dinner Conversation "From Benin to Kentucky and beyond: My career in Agricultural Economics"
Dr. Kibrom Abay
Fall 2016 African Development Fellows - STAARS Program
9/28 Rose Cafe "Behavioral Explanation of Technology Adoption in Africa: Locus of control and Technology Adoption?"

10/4 Dinner Conversation "From Ethiopia to Copenhagen: Lessons from an Agricultural Economist
Jane Harrison
Favor to Bethe
Dr. Bernard Langat
Fall 2016 African Development Fellows - STAARS Program
10/26 Rose Cafe "“The Glamour of African Renaissance"

11/1 Dinner Conversation "“How and Why I Chose to Be a Development Economist”
Dr. Nkechi Owoo and Nicole Onohua, M.D.
Fall 2016 African Development Fellows - STAARS Program
11/16 Rose Cafe "Food security in Nigeria" 11/21 Dinner Conversation "Two Women’s Experiences as a Medical Doctor and Economist in Ghana"